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Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Groen Construction Inc. NH premier ICF Contractor and ICF Installer.

What is ICF?

Why should you consider it?

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is a foam forming system for concrete.

The two sided blocks are stacked like legos, reinforced with rebar and then pumped full of concrete. Unlike conventional concrete forms, the ICF’s stay in place, sandwiching the concrete in between two layers of foam.


ICF is a versatile wall assembly, offering varying core thicknesses and rebar layouts to accommodate specific structural requirements.


Essentially any interior finish or exterior siding applications that you’d use on a wood framed wall can also be attached to an ICF wall. In most cases, drywall is attached directly to the interior face of the ICF wall and the siding application of choice is attached directly to the exterior face.


While ICF has been around since the mid 1900’s, it’s not until recently that it has started to gain widespread use in both residential and commercial construction.  In its earlier years, ICF was used mostly for foundations but over the past couple of decades, ICF has become a preferred choice to many for both below and above grade walls.

GCI's Role in the ICF industry

ICF General Contractor

With over 20 years of ICF construction experience GCI is the right choice for your next commercial ICF project. Whether we are hired as the GC, CM, or simply as an ICF installer, our skilled team has the experience necessary to deliver a quality final product. Not only do we have extensive experience constructing ICF, but we also know how all of the other building components and systems interact with ICF.  With numerous local and national awards in hand and countless successful ICF projects under our belt,

we have become known as the premier ICF contractor in the Northeast.

We look forward to talking with you about your upcoming ICF project

ICF Installer

Groen Construction Inc., completed their first ICF project in the summer of 2000. Since then, GCI has built a broad portfolio of residential and commercial projects as an ICF installer. Working for contractors, developers and homeowners, our experience includes single family homes, multifamily homes, mixed use buildings, public safety buildings, office buildings and gun ranges. Groen’s experience and capability gives their clients the peace of mind that their ICF project will be expertly crafted.

Contact Groen today about your upcoming ICF project

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