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Groen Builders' Site Visited by Author

ALTON BAY, NH — Tom Pauken, who has recently written a book entitled, "Bringing America Home, How She Lost Her Way and How We Can Find Our Way Back" took a tour of a job site Aug. 26 where Groen Builders, Inc., is building a super energy efficient home. The new home is being constructed using state-of-the-art Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) technology, rather than traditional framing, for superior energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In his recent book, Pauken embraces the Hartman Plan, advocating among other things replacement of the existing corporate tax structure with a border-adjusted consumption tax. This overhaul will reduce trade deficits, help balance the nation's budget, and grow the nation's economy by bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. Groen Builders, Inc. is based in Rochester, and is both a commercial and custom residential builder. The company specializes in super energy efficient Energy Star rated construction of various types.

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